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New-to-ISMIR mentoring program

The New-to-ISMIR paper mentoring program is designed for members new to ISMIR (early stage researchers in MIR or researchers from allied fields who wish to consider submitting their work to an ISMIR conference) to share their advanced-stage work-in-progress ISMIR paper drafts with senior members of the ISMIR community (mentors) to obtain focused reviews and constructive feedback. The program supplements the generic submission guidelines. The program is being run as a pilot in 2022, closely aligned with the ISMIR 2022 paper submissions deadlines.

Important features of the Program


The proposed authors of the papers submitted to the mentoring program must satisfy all the following criteria:

Important Dates


The topics of papers to be submitted to the program should be closely aligned with those of ISMIR 2022, including but not limited to the following topics:

Submission Guidelines

Applications to the program must include a tentative title, author list and an abstract (200 words).

The papers submitted to the program should be an advanced-stage draft of the paper. To get maximum benefit out of the mentoring program, please ensure the work is as complete as possible and avoid incomplete submissions lacking sufficient detail. The papers should strictly follow ISMIR conference submission guidelines, outlined in the ISMIR 2022 Call for Papers: https://ismir2022.ismir.net/calls/cfp/. Only exception would be that the papers should NOT be anonymized during the mentoring process since the paper mentoring program is not anonymous. The papers are to be uploaded on a channel whose details will be provided closer to the deadline. The submitted papers will be shared with the mentor assigned to each paper. Submissions that deviate from the guidelines will not be accepted for mentorship.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in the program and eligible for it, please apply using this form: https://forms.gle/aLuFtxg6Fe8KatEL8


For any further questions, please write to us at ismir2022-diversity@ismir.net