Late-breaking/Demo (LBD)

The Late-breaking/Demo (LBD) session is a forum for sharing prototype systems, initial concepts, and early results which may have not yet fully matured but are of interest to the Music-IR community. It is also a great entry point for people who are new to ISMIR to showcase their preliminary work and receive early feedback from fellow researchers. Attendees of the LBD can interact with demos or discuss their thoughts on the latest developments in the field.

Hybrid Conference

Similar to the main paper track, this year’s LBD will be held in a hybrid format, i.e., physical and remote. There will be two back-to-back sessions:

  1. Physical session: Dec 8, 2022 (Thu), 3.30 pm - 5.30 pm
  2. Virtual session: Dec 8, 2022 (Thu), 5.30 pm - 7.00 pm

Open Session

This year’s local LBD session is also an open session for students and independent researchers of the local community. The session will enable participants to attend the late-breaking/demo session of the conference and interact with students, experts and senior members of the ISMIR research community. This open session is a free registration event.

Accepted LBD submissions and detailed LBD program will be added shortly!

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