Accepted Papers

End-to-End Lyrics Transcription Informed by Pitch and Onset Estimation
Tengyu Deng, Eita Nakamura, Kazuyoshi Yoshii
Robust Melody Track Identification in Symbolic Music
Xichu Ma, Xiao Liu, Bowen Zhang, Ye Wang
Automatic music mixing with deep learning and out-of-domain data
Marco A Martinez Ramirez, Weihsiang Liao, Chihiro Nagashima, Giorgio Fabbro, Stefan Uhlich, Yuki Mitsufuji
Tracking the Evolution of a Band's Live Performances over Decades
Florian Thalmann, Eita Nakamura, Kazuyoshi Yoshii
A Model You Can Hear: Audio Identification with Playable Prototypes
Romain Loiseau, Baptiste Bouvier, Yann Teytaut, Elliot Vincent, Mathieu Aubry, Loic Landrieu
Learning Unsupervised Hierarchies of Audio Concepts
Darius Afchar, Romain Hennequin, Vincent Guigue
HPPNet: Modeling the Harmonic Structure and Pitch Invariance in Piano Transcription
Weixing Wei, Peilin Li, Yi Yu, Wei Li
End-to-End Full-Page Optical Music Recognition for Mensural Notation
Antonio Ríos-Vila, Jose M. Inesta, Jorge Calvo-Zaragoza
Music Translation: Generating Piano Arrangements in Different Playing Levels
Matan Gover, Oded Zewi
Counterpoint Error-Detection Tools for Optical Music Recognition of Renaissance Polyphonic Music
Martha E Thomae Elias, Julie Cumming, Ichiro Fujinaga
Generating music with sentiment using Transformer-GANs
Pedro Lt Neves, Jose Fornari, Joao B Florindo
Toward postprocessing-free neural networks for joint beat and downbeat estimation
Tsung-Ping Chen, Li Su
Playing Technique Detection by Fusing Note Onset Information in Guzheng Performance
Dichucheng Li, Yulun Wu, Qinyu Li, Jiahao Zhao, Yi Yu, Fan Xia, Wei Li
Symphony Generation with Permutation Invariant Language Model
Jiafeng Liu, Yuanliang Dong, Zehua Cheng, Xinran Zhang, Xiaobing Li, Feng Yu, Maosong Sun
Three related corpora in Middle Byzantine music notation and a preliminary comparative analysis
Polykarpos Polykarpidis, Dionysios Kalofonos, Dimitrios Balageorgos, Christina Anagnostopoulou
Representation Learning for the Automatic Indexing of Sound Effects Libraries
Alison B Ma, Alexander Lerch
Melody Infilling with User-Provided Structural Context
Chih-Pin Tan, Wen-Yu Su, Yi-Hsuan Yang
SIATEC-C: Computationally efficient repeated pattern discovery in polyphonic music
Otso Björklund
Automatic Chinese National Pentatonic Modes Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network
Zhaowen Wang, Mingjin Che, Yue Yang, Wen Wu Meng, Qinyu Li, Fan Xia, Wei Li
MeloForm: Generating Melody with Musical Form based on Expert Systems and Neural Networks
Peiling Lu, Xu Tan, Botao Yu, Tao Qin, Sheng Zhao, Tie-Yan Liu
Symbolic Music Loop Generation with Neural Discrete Representations
Sangjun Han, Hyeongrae Ihm, Moontae Lee, Woohyung Lim
Concept-Based Techniques for Musicologist-Friendly Explanations in Deep Music Classifiers
Francesco Foscarin, Katharina Hoedt, Verena Praher, Arthur Flexer, Gerhard Widmer
ATEPP: A Dataset of Automatically Transcribed Expressive Piano Performance
Huan Zhang, Jingjing Tang, Syed Rm Rafee, Simon Dixon, George Fazekas, Geraint A. Wiggins
Beat Transformer: Demixed Beat and Downbeat Tracking with Dilated Self-Attention
Jingwei Zhao, Gus Xia, Ye Wang
Domain Adversarial Training on Conditional Variational Auto-Encoder for Controllable Music Generation
Jingwei Zhao, Gus Xia, Ye Wang
Musika! Fast Infinite Waveform Music Generation
Marco Pasini, Jan Schlüter
Improving Choral Music Separation through Expressive Synthesized Data from Sampled Instruments
Ke Chen, Hao-Wen Dong, Yi Luo, Julian Mcauley, Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick, Miller Puckette, Shlomo Dubnov
Emotion-driven Harmonisation And Tempo Arrangement of Melodies Using Transfer Learning
Takuya Takahashi, Mathieu Barthet
Teach Yourself Georgian Dataset: A Corpus Of Traditional A Cappella Vocal Polyphony
David Gillman, Atalay Kutlay, Uday Goyat
Raga Classification From Vocal Performances Using Multimodal Analysis
Martin Clayton, Preeti Rao, Nithya Nadig Shikarpur, Sujoy Roychowdhury, Jin Li
DDSP-based Singing Vocoders: A New Subtractive-based Synthesizer and A Comprehensive Evaluation
Da-Yi Wu, Wen-Yi Hsiao, Fu-Rong Yang, Oscar D Friedman, Warren Jackson, Scott Bruzenak, Yi-Wen Liu, Yi-Hsuan Yang
Towards robust music source separation on loud commercial music
Chang-Bin Jeon, Kyogu Lee
How Music features and Musical Data Representations Affect Objective Evaluation of Music Composition: A Review of CSMT Data Challenge 2020
Yuqiang Li, Shengchen Li, George Fazekas
Verse versus Chorus: Structure-aware Feature Extraction for Lyrics-based Genre Recognition
Maximilian Mayerl, Stefan Brandl, Gunther Specht, Markus Schedl, Eva Zangerle
Transfer Learning of wav2vec 2.0 for Automatic Lyric Transcription
Longshen Ou, Xiangming Gu, Ye Wang
Attention-Based Audio Embeddings For Query-By-Example
Anup Singh, Kris Demuynck, Vipul Arora
Interpreting Song Lyrics with an Audio-Informed Pre-trained Language Model
Yixiao Zhang, Junyan Jiang, Gus Xia, Simon Dixon
Parameter Sensitivity of Deep-Feature based Evaluation Metrics for Audio Textures
Chitralekha Gupta, Yize Wei, Zequn Gong, Purnima Kamath, Zhuoyao Li, Lonce Wyse
Tailed U-Net: Multi-Scale Music Representation Learning
Marcel A Vélez Vásquez, John Ashley Burgoyne
KDC: an open corpus for computational research of dastgāhi music
Babak Nikzat, Rafael Caro Repetto
Distortion Audio Effects: Learning How to Recover the Clean Signal
Johannes Imort, Giorgio Fabbro, Marco A Martinez Ramirez, Stefan Uhlich, Yuichiro Koyama, Yuki Mitsufuji
Towards Quantifying the Strength of Music Scenes Using Live Event Data
Michael G Zhou, Douglas Turnbull, Andrew Mcgraw
Equivariant self-supervision for musical tempo estimation
Elio Quinton
Exploiting Device and Audio Data to Tag Music with User-Aware Listening Contexts
Karim M. Ibrahim, Elena V. Epure, Geoffroy Peeters, Gaël Richard
Latent Feature Augmentation For Chorus Detection
Xingjian Du, Huidong Liang, Yuan Wan, Yuheng Lin, Ke Chen, Bilei Zhu, Zejun Ma
Ethics of Singing Voice Synthesis: Perceptions of Users and Developers
Kyungyun Lee, Gladys Hitt, Emily Terada, Jin Ha Lee
Detecting Symmetries of All Cardinalities With Application to Musical 12-Tone Rows
Anil Venkatesh, Viren Sachdev
A Transformer-Based "Spellchecker" for Detecting Errors in OMR Output
Timothy R De Reuse, Ichiro Fujinaga
What is missing in deep music generation? A study of repetition and structure in popular music
Shuqi Dai, Huiran Yu, Roger Dannenberg
Multi-pitch Estimation meets Microphone Mismatch: Applicability of Domain Adaptation
Franca Bittner, Marcel Gonzalez, Maike L Richter, Hanna Lukashevich, Jakob Abeßer
Music-STAR: a Style Translation system for Audio-based Re-instrumentation
Mahshid Alinoori, Vassilios Tzerpos
Learning Hierarchical Metrical Structure Beyond Measures
Junyan Jiang, Daniel Chin, Yixiao Zhang, Gus Xia
Inaccurate Prediction or Genre Evolution? Rethinking Genre Classification
Ke Nie
MuLan: A Joint Embedding of Music Audio and Natural Language
Qingqing Huang, Aren Jansen, Joonseok Lee, Ravi Ganti, Judith Yue Li, Dan Ellis
Sketching the Expression: Flexible Rendering of Expressive Piano Performance with Self-Supervised Learning
Seungyeon Rhyu, Sarah Kim, Kyogu Lee
A Novel Dataset and Deep Learning Benchmark for Classical Music Form Recognition and Analysis
Daniel J Szelogowski, Lopamudra Mukherjee, Benjamin Whitcomb
YM2413-MDB: A Multi-Instrumental FM Video Game Music Dataset with Emotion Annotations
Eunjin Choi, Yoonjin Chung, Seolhee Lee, Jongik Jeon, Taegyun Kwon, Juhan Nam
An Exploration of Generating Sheet Music Images
Marcos Acosta, Irmak Bukey, Timothy Tsai
A unified model for zero-shot singing voice conversion and synthesis
Jui-Te Wu, Jun-You Wang, Roger Jang, Li Su
Jukedrummer: Conditional Beat-aware Audio-domain Drum Accompaniment Generation via Transformer VQ-VAE
Yueh-Kao Wu, Ching-Yu Chiu, Yi-Hsuan Yang
Traces of Globalization in Online Music Consumption Patterns and Results of Recommendation Algorithms
Oleg Lesota, Emilia Parada-Cabaleiro, Elisabeth Lex, Navid Rekabsaz, Stefan Brandl, Markus Schedl
Semantic Control of Generative Musical Attributes
Stewart E Greenhill, Majid Abdolshah, Vuong Le, Sunil Gupta, Svetha Venkatesh
Exploiting Pre-trained Feature Networks for Generative Adversarial Networks in Audio-domain Loop Generation
Yen-Tung Yeh, Yi-Hsuan Yang, Bo-Yu Chen
Cadence Detection in Symbolic Classical Music using Graph Neural Networks.
Emmanouil Karystinaios, Gerhard Widmer
PDAugment: Data Augmentation by Pitch and Duration Adjustments for Automatic Lyrics Transcription
Chen Zhang, Jiaxing Yu, Luchin Chang, Xu Tan, Jiawei Chen, Tao Qin, Kejun Zhang
Sonus Texere! Automated Dense Soundtrack Construction for Books using Movie Adaptations
Jaidev Shriram, Makarand Tapaswi, Vinoo Alluri
Source Separation of Piano Concertos with Test-Time Adaptation
Yigitcan Özer, Meinard Müller
Mel Spectrogram Inversion with Stable Pitch
Bruno Di Giorgi, Mark Levy, Richard Sharp
Using Activation Functions for Improving Measure-Level Audio Synchronization
Yigitcan Özer, Matej Istvanek, Vlora Arifi-Müller, Meinard Müller
A deep learning method for melody extraction from a polyphonic symbolic music representation
Katerina Kosta, Wei-Tsung Lu, Gabriele Medeot, Pierre Chanquion
Mid-level Harmonic Audio Features for Musical Style Classification
Francisco C. F. Almeida, Gilberto Bernardes, Christof Weiss
Modeling Perceptual Loudness Of Piano Tone: Theory And Applications
Yang Qu, Yutian Qin, Lecheng Chao, Hangkai Qian, Ziyu Wang, Gus Xia
A Reproducibility Study on User-centric MIR Research and Why it is Important
Peter Knees, Bruce Ferwerda, Andreas Rauber, Sebastian Strumbelj, Annabel Resch, Laurenz Tomandl, Valentin Bauer, Tang Fung Yee, Josip Bobinac, Amila Ceranic, Riad Dizdar
SampleMatch: Drum Sample Retrieval by Musical Context
Stefan Lattner
Visualization for AI-Assisted Composing
Simeon Rau, Frank Heyen, Stefan Wagner, Michael Sedlmair
AccoMontage2: A Complete Harmonization and Accompaniment Arrangement System
Li Yi, Haochen Hu, Jingwei Zhao, Gus Xia
And what if two musical versions don't share melody, harmony, rhythm, or lyrics ?
Mathilde Abrassart, Guillaume Doras
Music Separation Enhancement with Generative Modeling
Noah A Schaffer, Boaz Cogan, Ethan Manilow, Max Morrison, Prem Seetharaman, Bryan Pardo
Baf: An Audio Fingerprinting Dataset For Broadcast Monitoring
Guillem Cortès, Alex Ciurana, Emilio Molina, Marius Miron, Owen Meyers, Joren Six, Xavier Serra
Bottlenecks And Solutions For Audio To Score Alignment Research
Alia Ahmed Morsi, Xavier Serra
The power of deep without going deep? A study of HDPGMM music representation learning
Jaehun Kim, Cynthia C. S. Liem
Critiquing Task- versus Goal-oriented Approaches: A Case for Makam Recognition
Kaustuv Kanti Ganguli, Sertan Şentürk, Carlos Guedes
A Dataset of Symbolic Texture Annotations in Mozart Piano Sonatas
Louis Couturier, Louis Bigo, Florence Leve
Learning Multi-Level Representations for Hierarchical Music Structure Analysis.
Morgan Buisson, Brian Mcfee, Slim Essid, Helene-Camille Crayencour
Multi-objective Hyper-parameter Optimization of Behavioral Song Embeddings
Massimo Quadrana, Antoine Larreche-Mouly, Matthias Mauch
Music Representation Learning Based on Editorial Metadata from Discogs
Pablo Alonso-Jiménez, Xavier Serra, Dmitry Bogdanov
A Dataset for Greek Traditional and Folk Music: Lyra
Charilaos Papaioannou, Ioannis Valiantzas, Theodore Giannakopoulos, Maximos Kaliakatsos-Papakostas, Alexandros Potamianos
Multi-instrument Music Synthesis with Spectrogram Diffusion
Curtis Hawthorne, Ian Simon, Adam Roberts, Neil Zeghidour, Joshua Gardner, Ethan Manilow, Jesse Engel
Violin Etudes: A Comprehensive Dataset for f0 Estimation and Performance Analysis
Nazif Can Tamer, Pedro Ramoneda, Xavier Serra
DDX7: Differentiable FM Synthesis of Musical Instrument Sounds
Franco Caspe, Andrew Mcpherson, Mark B Sandler
Singing beat tracking with Self-supervised front-end and linear transformers
Mojtaba Heydari, Zhiyao Duan
Stability of Symbolic Feature Group Importance in the Context of Multi-Modal Music Classification
Igor Vatolkin, Cory Mckay
A diffusion-inspired training strategy for singing voice extraction in the waveform domain
Genís Plaja-Roglans, Marius Miron, Xavier Serra
Adapting meter tracking models to Latin American music
Lucas S Maia, Martín Rocamora, Luiz W P Biscainho, Magdalena Fuentes
Contrastive Audio-Language Learning for Music
Ilaria Manco, Emmanouil Benetos, George Fazekas, Elio Quinton
EnsembleSet: a new high quality dataset for chamber ensemble separation
Saurjya Sarkar, Emmanouil Benetos, Mark B Sandler
Checklist Models for Improved Output Fluency in Piano Fingering Prediction
Nikita Srivatsan, Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick
"More than words": Linking Music Preferences and Moral Values through Lyrics
Vjosa Preniqi, Kyriaki Kalimeri, Charalampos Saitis
Heterogeneous Graph Neural Network for Music Emotion Recognition
Angelo Cesar Mendes Da Silva, Diego F Silva, Ricardo Marcondes Marcacini
Supervised and Unsupervised Learning of Audio Representations for Music Understanding
Matthew C Mccallum, Filip Korzeniowski, Sergio Oramas, Fabien Gouyon, Andreas Ehmann
MusAV: A dataset of relative arousal-valence annotations for validation of audio models
Dmitry Bogdanov, Xavier Lizarraga-Seijas, Pablo Alonso-Jiménez, Xavier Serra
Scaling Polyphonic Transcription with Mixtures of Monophonic Transcriptions
Ian Simon, Joshua Gardner, Curtis Hawthorne, Ethan Manilow, Jesse Engel
Analysis and detection of singing techniques in repertoires of J-POP solo singers
Yuya Yamamoto, Juhan Nam, Hiroko Terasawa
Melody transcription via generative pre-training
Chris Donahue, John Thickstun, Percy Liang
Network Analyses for Cross-Cultural Music Popularity
Kongmeng Liew, Vipul Mishra, Yangyang Zhou, Elena V. Epure, Romain Hennequin, Shoko Wakamiya, Eiji Aramaki
Retrieving musical information from neural data: how cognitive features enrich acoustic ones
Ellie Bean Abrams, Eva Muñoz Vidal, Claire Pelofi, Pablo Ripollés
Modeling the rhythm from lyrics for melody generation of pop songs
Daiyu Zhang, Ju-Chiang Wang, Katerina Kosta, Jordan B. L. Smith, Shicen Zhou
Evaluating Generative Audio Systems and Their Metrics
Ashvala Vinay, Alexander Lerch
On the Impact and Interplay of Input Representations and Network Architectures for Automatic Music Tagging
Maximilian Damböck, Richard Vogl, Peter Knees
Generating Coherent Drum Accompaniment with Fills and Improvisations
Rishabh A Dahale, Vaibhav Vinayak Talwadker, Preeti Rao, Prateek Verma
Pop Music Generation with Controllable Phrase Lengths
Daiki Naruse, Tomoyuki Takahata, Yusuke Mukuta, Tatsuya Harada
In Search Of Sañcāras: Tradition-Informed Repeated Melodic Pattern Recognition In Carnatic Music
Thomas Nuttall, Genís Plaja-Roglans, Lara Pearson, Xavier Serra
Performance MIDI-to-score conversion by neural beat tracking
Lele Liu, Qiuqiang Kong, Veronica Morfi, Emmanouil Benetos

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