Special Sessions

In addition to the paper/poster presentations, ISMIR 2022 scientific program will feature the following special sessions. The sessions will be organized as panel discussions on specific themes including experts from the field or as short presentations. All the special sessions will be held in the J N Tata Auditorium, NSSC, IISc.

WiMIR session

Dec 5, 2022 (Mon), 4.00 pm - 5.30 pm

Details coming soon!

Special Session-1: Enhancing music listening with MIR

Dec 6, 2022 (Tue), 4.00 pm - 5.00 pm

Moderator: Xavier Serra

Panelists: Anna Gatzioura, Fabien Gouyon, Thomas Lidy, Hugo Rodrigues

In this panel we will discuss the research challenges and opportunities related to the development of new MIR technologies and services to support music listening.

Special Session-2: Enhancing music creativity with MIR

Dec 7, 2022 (Wed), 4.00 pm - 5.00 pm

Moderator: Jan Van Balen

Panelists: Georgi Dzhambazov, Dorien Herremans, Oriol Nieto, Akira Maezawa, Igor Pereira

While audio technology has always had an important role in music production, it is now recognised that MIR tools can provide for workflows that enhance music creativity at every stage of the journey. The panel will discuss the possibilities and challenges of this exciting partnership between music computing and creativity.

Industry Presentations

Dec 8, 2022 (Thu), 9.00 am - 10.00 am

Industry presentation session will include short presentations from our industry sponsors. The session will have a 12 min talks by our Platinum sponsors Spotify and Moises, and 8 min talks by our Gold sponsors Adobe, Deezer, Utopia music, Pandora, Smule, Yamaha and Chordify.

For the benefit of the remote attendees, ISMIR 2022 features online special sessions. The sessions will be held at a time-zone suitable for virtual attendees from parts of the world who may not find the hybrid conference time-zone (IST) convenient. The sessions will discuss important topics in MIR and will be moderated by senior members of ISMIR community. The sessions are open to all participants, and will be recorded and made available for watching them later.

Special Session-A (Online): Ethics/Code of Conduct for ISMIR

Dec 5, 2022 (Mon), 10.00 pm - 11.15 pm

Moderators: Andre Holzapfel, Fabio Morreale, Bob Sturm

This special session will discuss an action plan towards a code of ethics for the ISMIR community. A code of ethics represents a specific list of values and behaviors that a research community either endorses or objects to. Codes of ethics have been established on the general level of engineering associations (IEEE, ACM), but also more specifically by research communities such as NIME. Whereas ISMIR has seen a series of tutorials on ethics and values, and guidelines have been proposed (, these attempts have not yet manifested into a official code of ethics. Does ISMIR need such a code? What is the function of the code? How can we establish and maintain such a code? What are the main ethical concerns regarding ISMIR research and practice?

Special Session-B (Online): PhD in MIR: Challenges and Opportunities

Dec 6, 2022 (Tue), 10.00 pm - 11.15 pm

Moderator: Meinard Müller

Music information retrieval (MIR) is an exciting research field related to different disciplines, including signal processing, machine learning, information retrieval, psychology, musicology, and the digital humanities. This diversity opens up many opportunities for challenging, interdisciplinary, and fascinating research projects at the intersection of engineering and humanities. However, younger researchers can also feel overwhelmed by the variety and complexity of MIR research questions. In this session, we will have an informal exchange of ideas and experiences, inviting doctoral candidates and more experienced MIR researchers. Responding to questions from the audience, we hope this interactive session will be helpful for current PhD students and students considering a PhD in MIR.

Special Session-C (Online): TISMIR: the open journal of the ISMIR society

Dec 7, 2022 (Tue), 10.00 pm - 11.15 pm

Moderator: Emilia Gómez

Transactions of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval(TISMIR) was established in 2018 to complement the ISMIR conference proceedings and provide a vehicle for the dissemination of the highest quality and most substantial scientific research in MIR. TISMIR retains the Open Access model of the ISMIR Conference proceedings, encourages reproducibility of the published research papers, and maintains a low publication cost.

Almost 5 years later, this ISMIR 2022 is devoted to discuss and brainstorm on the current status and future perspectives of the journal with a series of TISMIR recent and potential authors, reviewers and editors. We will address the following questions, and others proposed by participants:

  • What do you appreciate more about TISMIR?
  • What is the link and complementarity to the ISMIR conference?
  • Which are the main challenges/limitations that need to be addressed?
  • How to make TISMIR competitive as a journal in the current publication landscape?
  • How to engage with more community members in order to make TISMIR a success?
  • Which are future avenues for conference vs journal outlets in the ISMIR field?

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