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Indian Music Experience (IME) Workshop

December 9, 2022 (Friday)

As a satellite event for ISMIR 2022, we are organizing an Indian music experience workshop for the participants of ISMIR 2022. The event will be hosted at the Indian Music Experience Museum in Bengaluru, which is India’s first interactive music museum comprising hands-on interactive artifacts on different forms of music in India including art, folk and film music. The physical-only day-long informal workshop is planned to be a unique experience to introduce the MIR community to the diverse and rich music traditions of India through guided museum visits, short introductory workshops, an exhibition on contemporary Indian music, and informal interactions between invited experts and the members of the MIR community. Through the workshop, we hope to establish cross-disciplinary connections, initiate discussions and foster future collaborations on MIR for Indian music.

A tentative program for the day:

8.00 am: Travel to the museum from the ISMIR conference venue (60-90 min travel time)

10.00 am - 1.00 pm: Workshop, exhibition and museum guided tours (morning session)

2.00 pm - 5.00 pm: Workshop, exhibition and museum guided tours (afternoon session)

5.00 pm: Travel from the museum back to ISMIR conference venue (60-90 min travel time)

The workshop is available only to in-person registrants and not available for virtual participation. We will however make an effort to record some of the sessions and make it available later to all participants. Registration for the satellite workshop is free with the in-person registration for ISMIR 2022. Transportation (between the museum and the ISMIR conference venue), lunch and coffee-breaks are included with your registration.

To register for the satellite workshop, please make sure you select “Yes” on the corresponding question while registering as an in-person attendee for the ISMIR 2022 conference. You are welcome to bring accompanying guests at a nominal additional fee using the add-on tickets available during registration.

The detailed program will be available soon. Please watch this space for additional information!